Give Up Control and Let the Performance Roll – Why Responsive Ads Are Here to Stay

As an advertiser, you might think it’s important to control the EXACT messaging in your ad copy. And you’d be right if the year was 1999, the Euro was just created, Clinton was just acquitted and Y2K promised a swift digital apocalypse (cue Prince’s 1999).

With the data and technology available in today’s digital marketplace, testing a collection of thousands of possibilities is far more important than testing a handful.

And guess what. Google agrees! Maybe you’ve seen this message:

Above all else, Google prizes the user experience. Because of Responsive Search Ads’ ability to adjust copy according to a user’s actual query, ads become more relevant and the internet becomes a better place for everyone. Because your text ads are more relevant, they are more likely to convert. Because your ads are more successful, you’re more likely to invest money in paid search. Everybody wins.

Would you rather serve the same old handful of static text ads every time someone sees your ad? Or would you rather let the search ad equivalent of a Deep Blue Chess supercomputer perpetually and dynamically test thousands of iterations for you with performance as the only North star? Either way come June 2022 you won’t have a choice!

Let us know if you need the help of a Basilisk staying ahead of the curve.

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