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See the difference. We’ll give you one week free of marketing service from our PPC & SEO pros.

As a Modern-Day Michelangelo, you allow your clients to see themselves the way that they’ve always desired because you’re passionate about helping people. We can relate!

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The Benefit of Basilisk SEM

We’ve had great success in the Plastic Surgery space, and we want to bring that experience to your marketing plan. Here’s how we differentiate ourselves from the typical marketing agency.

Real Results

✓ Work with a passionate team of PPC, SEO and design masters

✓ Specialized in scaling small and medium-sized businesses

✓ We take your performance personally

Total Transparency

✓  We don’t hide behind convoluted reporting

✓  Clear, transparent audit of each of your ad accounts & SEO analytics

✓  We focus reporting on revenue

No Contracts

✓ We let your ROI speak for itself

✓ We build our partnerships on trust

✓ No breakup fees

We Are Basilisk SEM


We are Basilisk SEM, a full-service marketing start-up. We’ve had 10+ years in the corporate marketing game, and in that time we found that most agencies leave a bad taste in their clients’ mouths. We are determined to show you what an agency that is actually worth your time looks like.

Your Free Week of Basilisk

We’ll assess the state of your ad accounts and website, show you the areas of opportunity, and strategize a robust marketing plan. We focus on acquiring new patients for your buisness.

Needs Assessment.

We start with learning about your business and what you want from your marketing strategy– this helps us make more informed suggestions for our services.

Yes, we do it all when it comes to marketing, but you won’t need every service; Our goal is to find out what works best for you and your business.

Ads/SEO Audit.

Learning about your marketing history can help us better understand what has or hasn’t worked for you in the past.

We go over your sales funnels to figure out what takes your customers from “I don’t know who you are” to full-blown brand advocates.


We’ll show you the results of the audit, custom-built audiences to test, a list of optimizations we will execute on existing campaigns, new campaigns to test, and landing page suggestions.

Your potential customers will have a better experience on your site and will convert more frequently.


By the end of this week, you’ll have:

  • A branding guide
  • Competor’s analysis
  •  Site speed analysis 
  • A/B testing schedule
  • One free creative
  • A comprehensive ad audit
  • User behavior heat mapping

“Basilisk SEM lives up to its name; their results are nothing short of mythical. They managed to turn a $3k investment into $14k of revenue on Google. They’re effective, straightforward, and totally transparent. They’ve forever changed how we spend money on ads.”

Jake Gunnoe

AZ Leadership Society

Reach Your Revenue Goals

Anyone can say they are different, but we want to SHOW you. 

Basilisk SEM Services

We can seriously uplevel your ad management, social media channels, email marketing, search engine strategy and design. 

Get found on search engines (google, bing, duckduckgo)

paid ads = faster results

organic = slower results overtime

Get found through organic social media (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram)

The newest social frontier and the #1 most-used website in the world (even surpassing Google).

Get found through paid social media ads (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram)

We’ve seen how recent policy changes have impacted Facebook accounts across the board.

Nurture leads through email marketing

Give your loyal fanbase worthwhile offers and engaging content instead of being sent straight to the Trash oblivion.

Find providers through LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads are a powerful networking and conversion tactic for B2B businesses. If your office is looking for providers to train, this is one of the best networks to convert.

Make your site simple for potential customers

Our in-house designers will use custom graphics and UX fundamentals to create a landing page that’s designed to convert. 

Get found on Amazon

Do you have products you have developed? Paid ads that live within the Amazon ecosystem are a great way to attract customers to your brand. Vital for e-commerce and great for visibility. A great media buying strategy is crucial for offsetting fulfillment costs.