Basilisk SEM

Mythical Marketing. Real Results.



We’re a digital marketing agency offering turnkey solutions to businesses who are sick of being burned by bare-minimum agencies.

Basilisk SEM

Mythical Marketing. Real Results.

We’re a digital marketing agency dedicated to disrupting the tired old tropes and the ho hum, bare-minimum service provided by marketing agencies to small and medium-sized businesses.

Pay Per Click Search Ads

Our team’s unique PPC background inspires our data-driven approach which also embraces automation. We can seriously uplevel your Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Microsoft Ads & specialty search engines.

Off & On-Page SEO

A long-term strategy that boosts your organic search rankings and helps people find your business through your website content.

Email Marketing

Grow your email list and send the right offer to the right people. Automate workflows to engage your clients and simplify your sales.

Social Media Ads & Management

Audience testing and management is crucial. We’ll run your Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, LinkedIn Ads & many more social ad campaigns. 

We’ll manage your social media page on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn or any other social platforms and A/B test content to find posts that drive conversions.

Video Editing

Our in-house video editing team means never having to outsource video projects for your website, ads, or social media.

Graphic & Web Design

We create digital and hand-drawn elements, including HTML5 and vectorized images for ads, your website & internal-use content. We will redeisgn your site or create custom landing pages that are CRO-optimized. We can even create print projects for you.

The Digital Marketing Industry Needs to Change

We at Basilisk SEM believe that small and medium sized businesses deserve the same level of marketing service as the largest companies in the world. While so many agencies offer smaller companies their bare minimum, we are a true partnership for your business. 

Basilisk SEM’s white glove service

Month to Month Billing

Total Ownership of Ad Accounts, Website & Assets

Built-in A/B Testing

Direct Reporting of Results

Talk to the Actual People Running Your Marketing

Fast Response Times

Work with Marketing Experts–No Matter Your Business Size


Long-Term Contracts with Breakup Fees

No Access or Rights to Anything

No Active A/B Testing or Inconclusive Results

Convoluted Reporting (Likely In Their Favor)

Talk to A Sales Rep

Automated Email Responses and Long Answer Times

Passed Off to A Junior Rep

Request A Free Audit

see what you’re missing

Need a proof of concept? We’ll deliver you a next-day audit on your accounts.

Google Ads

We are experts at maximizing the potential of your Google Ads account. Our founders’ unique PPC backgrounds will ensure your Google Ads accounts are achieving the best ROI.

TikTok Ads

The newest social frontier and the #1 most-used website in the world (even surpassing Google).

Search Engine Optimization

We utilize our thorough SEO tech checklist, robust backlink strategy and in-house content writing to give you the best SEO strategy for your money.

Amazon Ads

Vital for many e-commerce companies and great for visibility. A great media buying strategy is crucial for offsetting fulfillment costs.

Facebook Ads

We’ve seen how recent policy changes have impacted Facebook accounts across the board.

Web & Graphic Design Projects

If your website or brand content needs a little sprucing up, you’ve come to the right place. We use UX/UI fundamentals to ensure your landing pages, graphics and design projects are user-friendly and optimized for conversions.

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